Support to Agricultural Research
for Development of Strategic Crops in Africa

Wheat Component


Research activities have the following objectives: enhance wheat value chains on a sustainable basis; reduce food importation from other continents; offer farmers better access to markets; and improve livelihoods and tackle poverty through the enhanced capacities of beneficiaries in order to achieve sustainable development for the region.   

SARD-SC Wheat researchers are implementing activities according to four main components: 

  • Agricultural technologies and the generation of innovations
  • Agricultural technologies and the dissemination of innovation
  • Capacity development
  • Efficient project management

Researchers expect the following outputs:

  • A 20 per cent yield increase in wheat
  • An increase in average annual household cash incomes – up to $600
  • A 20 per cent increase in food security – from 73% to 84% by the end of the Project. 

The technologies, wheat varieties, and practices developed over the course of the initiative will be made available as international public goods – extending their benefits globally.